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Visual Numbers provides expert data insights for the medical and pharmaceutical industries

FREE UK 4 nations prescription data online - NEW Vnumbers service

We have combined our data and Pharmaceutical expertise to develop our new prescription medicine database ‘Vnumbers’ containing Government Open NHS prescription data. This is now freely available to those who have previously struggled to access this UK 4 nations data. Click on the YouTube video below for a snapshot of this new service

  • England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales prescriptions
  • Accessed under Open Government Licence v 3
  • Full list price medicines costs across 25,000 medicines
  • Codes matched across the 4 nations
  • Latest 13 months data at a national level
  • More granular levels of data available – PCO and GP Practice

For FREE access to VNUMBERS

We provide our clients with interactive maps and reports which help visualise data and offer actionable insight, specific detail and measurable ROI

Mapping information can lead to valuable data insights by helping you visualise data in new ways

Mapping layers of data

We are constantly exploring new ways of overlaying different datasets utilising the latest features in Tableau. This example combines Primary Care data with Secondary Care Hospital information to investigate links between prescribing influences. 

We use mapping to restructure sales territories, identify geographic hot spots, unravel high potential areas and much more. 

Let us take the hard work out of visualising data for your business

A treemap of UK CCGs and HBs to provide valuable data insights

Market snapshots to help you quickly see the big picture

We are always looking for creative solutions to visualise large amounts of data to show you the big picture, but we also identify high, low, growth and other interesting measures in the data to help you take focused actions

Let us combine our creativity and BI expertise to cost-effectively reveal actionable insights

Dashboards are a great way to visualise data in an easy to understand format

Combine different measures to reveal effort result patterns

We are experts in combining multiple data sets into single dashboards to reveal illustrative patterns in sales, market share, growth, activity, etc 

Augment your business intelligence by combining multiple data sets

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