About Us

We help you uncover your data golden insights

We love transforming data into actionable insights

Helping you solve your data challenges to augment business intelligence and insight

A small yet highly experienced team, we have over 20 years of Business Intelligence experience gained with small, medium and large organisations

The majority of our clients are in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries, educational organisations and charities. Our skills are transferable to most sectors; creative in our approach we can find the solutions to your many data challenges 

What our clients say

Marketing Director, Small Pharma

“Excellent, the visual representation and presentation allows rapid analysis and understanding of complex markets and includes multiple levels of granulation.”

“Visual Numbers have provided us with a valued and trusted source of Business Intelligence and we look forward to using their services again in the near future.”

Business Intelligence, Medium Pharma

“Visual Numbers always produce a high standard of work. They are very prompt with their delivery and provide clear and easy to understand reports.”

“Visual Numbers are always happy to assist in any way they can to help us get the most out of our data”

Head of Marketing, Large Pharma

“Visual Numbers offered the perfect business intelligence solution for our sales team with highly interactive and user friendly sales reports to help sales and marketing clearly see where to focus efforts”

“Visual Numbers were highly responsive to our needs offering creative, intelligent solutions at reasonable cost”

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