What We Do

Virtual Business Intelligence - turning your data into actionable insights

We utilise a range of leading BI software, coupled with our extensive experience, to turn data into powerful insights. Through this, we help you succeed in identifying your targets, maximising new opportunities and increasing ROI:

  • Information dashboards
  • Mapped data
  • Detailed market analysis
  • Costs savings reports
  • Sales Force Reporting
  • Ad hoc or interim BI Consultancy
Information dashboards help you see identify key trends and drill down into more detail
What We Do

Data Visualisation and Sourcing - expert analysis of data

We answer your specific business questions on ROI, targeting, resource, focus and other specifics through the merging of datasets and visual reporting of the insights:

  • Data sourcing
  • Data merging
  • Focused analysis
  • Visual reporting
  • Clear business answers

Everything starts with data – we show you where to source open data or we work with your data using latest business intelligence and data analysis techniques. 

Boston Matrix example
What We Do

Vnumbers - FREE UK 4 nations prescription data online

Just need the numbers? For those interested in the raw UK 4 nations prescription data, we now offer FREE national level UK prescription data through our NEW online Vnumbers service:

Visual Numbers provides expert data insights for the medical and pharmaceutical industries
What We Do

Interactive Dashboards and Market Analysis

We have extensive experience in analysing detailed markets and producing interactive dashboards. These easy-to-use dashboards help you quickly see top-line trends, while also enabling you to drill down to discover more detail:

  • Interactive dashboards
  • Data merging of multiple measures
  • Detailed analysis
  • Interactive UK maps
  • National, PCO, PCN, Postcode and KAM reports
  • Virtual Data Analyst
Interactive dashboards help you see identify key trends and drill down into more detail
What We Do

Mapping and Marketing

We are highly experienced in commercial, sales, marketing and business intelligence. For example, we use mapping to restructure sales territories, identify geographic hot spots, unravel high potential areas and much more. We can also support you with a range of marketing services such as generation of mailings, website content, target lists and data cleansing:

  • Interactive data maps
  • Territory restructuring
  • Costs savings calculations and mailings
  • In depth market analysis
  • Detailed ROI and rebate analysis
  • Target list analysis and data cleansing
  • Copy writing and proofing 

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